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USA Did What Now?

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USA Did What Now?

Post by Yxita on Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:16 am

Ok, so this is something that has made me laugh for a while now.

America has a monopoly over Russia because they have missiles poised to attack them at any moment. USA originally only had missiles planted in Britain but recently they gave a missile to Poland so they'd be closer and could attack quicker. Doesn't sound funny right?

Here's the thing: the second USA fires a so much as a warning shot to the barren wastelands of Russia, Russia gonna shoot fifty or so back to NY. This isn't official but judging on Russia's violent history and 'valour' they could very well do so. Despite the fact that Russia is twice as big and has a monopoly in Asia, America is trying it's luck with the Soviet Nation.

Why, oh why, would USA try to harness a country like Russia?! It's gonna end badly!!!

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