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What if Germany hadn't attacked Russia in WWII... o.0

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What if Germany hadn't attacked Russia in WWII... o.0

Post by Yxita on Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:35 am

I had a terrifying realisation today while being bored out of my mind and raping this discussion board. (lol)

If Germany hadn't turned on Russia in WWII, they would have had more men to fight the Allies, Russia would most likely have joined Germany due to the financial strain the Allies were putting on them and the Soviet-Nazi alliance would have been nearly unstoppable. Think about it. If Russia left the Allies and joined the Axis, they'd be paired with Germany, Japan and Italy. Meaning that Russia and Japan could attack China from both sides and take them out of the runnings (in a similar way Germany was beaten in the end by fighting both France and Russia). After that, they'd help to annihilate France considering Britain would most likely have backed out once Russia switched sides, purely becuase they didn't have the financial stability to continue with a war in which two allies had been destroyed. That leaves America...who'd just give up when they realised they were the only ones left.

If Germany hadn't have turned on Russia and failed, we'd all be speaking German.

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