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Super Soldiers

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Super Soldiers

Post by tony stark on Tue Jun 08, 2010 5:09 pm

Inspired by Captain America, but running with his old World War II setting. I apologize for all the references to Captain America, they stopped me getting crazy confused while I typed this.

A group of people [most likely men with this being a WW2 setting] are signed to a project called something along the lines of project rebirth, these men being young men who can’t all participate in the war as they’re sickly [or at least that’s how it went down for Captain America XD].

The Operation [I think its called, Operation Rebirth, I’m currently too lazy to check] involves the soldiers receiving oral doses and injections of some super-duper Super Soldier Serum which alters them physiologically, sharpens their reflexes and makes them crazy strong etc.

Now in Cap, a spy comes along and kills the scientist in charge and the formula has not been replicated or recorded so only Cap gets his glorious superpowers. He then befriends normal soldiers and forms himself some kind of elite unit and they go fight in Europe and he becomes some amazing hero everyone in America loves. I'm not saying I'm copying Captain America but I half like this part of the plot, but understand othersm ight not be happy if only one person gets to be the super soldier.

As it stands, I’m not sure whether this should do the one super soldier thing or have a couple who are teamed with normal ones.
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