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BP oil spill

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BP oil spill

Post by Gingerduckii on Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:04 am

So this is a major environmental issue between America and Britain.

The oil spill that has killed eleven workers and is still pumping oil into the Gulf of Mexico has caused a bit of tension between the two countries.

President Obama has been reported to state that he wants to find 'some ass to kick' over this environmental disaster and has made pointed references to 'British Petroleum', a
corporate identity BP has not used in years.

Many British people felt this was a direct hit against Britain and believe that the President of the United States shouldn't have said such antagonising words. It has recently been repoted that in a phone-call to Prime Minister David Cameron, Obama has stressed that his words were not a criticism of Britain.

I would like to point out that BP has, and is continuing to pull in specialists from all over the world and think they have now found a resolution to combat this disaster.

Can the damage be wholly repaired? In time I believe so.

But BP is not only a British company, it is also based with larger numbers over in America so is it fair that Obama is pointing fingers at Britain? Some have even alleged that he has taken such a strong point in this to try and win back some favour with voters for the coming election.

The last comment was speculation from a gvernment panel show that I happened to watch, it is not my opinion.

But what does everyone else think? Particularly those that live in the States?

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