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Be sure to abide by all of these rules; faliure to comply will result in punishment. 1. Make one account on RPFrenzy and one only. Creating or using another account on the site isn't allowed under any circumstances and will earn you a permanent ban. 2. Be courteous to each other and respect the site staff. No user is more important than any other on RPFrenzy, and this means you must respect everybody. 3. Please try to type in Standard English (or at least a good representation of such) to the best of your ability. 4. Quoting large photos makes the site run slower, so please avoid doing this. 5. Spam is an iffy subject. Please don't randomly spam a thread. Discussion while waiting for someone to sign up is fine. 6. You are allowed to express your views and thoughts on this board, but only to an extent. We will respect your right to free speech as long as you respect other users. Insulting other users, causing fights, and any form of flaming will lead to a banning. 7. Making hate comments about a band, person, website et cetera is not allowed. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. 8. Posting illegal content or links to sites containing such breaks applicable laws. If you post any paraphernalia of such nature, it will be removed and you along with it. 9. If someone continues to create wrong topics over and over they will be warned and eventually banned temporarily if they keep it up. It's not that hard to keep our boards clean. What to do if you get banned: Send an email to support@rpfrenzy.darkbb.com if you are unsure as to the status of your account. When the site staffs are satisfied that you have learned your lesson, you will be un-banned. Do not create another account on the site if you are banned, and do not attempt to cause any further trouble. If you would like to be un-banned, you need to be able to show you understand why what you did was wrong and that you understand the rules, and then you can have your account back. If you see that another member is breaking these rules, please let me know.